Hallkelsstaðir Jörð, Reykholt Borgarfirði
79.900.000 Kr.
Lóð / Jarðir
0 herb.
0 m2
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The Real Estate Market Company (Fasteignamarkaðurinn ehf), phone number +354-570-4500 or fastmark@fastmark.is presents for sale 497 hectares of land at Hallkelsstaðir in Borgarfjörður Iceland. The land is wonderfully located in the immediate vicinity of Húsafell and with stunning views to Langjökull glacier, Eiríksjökull glacier, south after Hallmundarhraun and into the Arnarvatn peninsula. A good farmland is on the land and nearby is good service in Húsafell.

On the land stands 154.3 square meter house on three platforms and with a ceiling. The house is in a good condition, aluminum plated, with electric heating and a 200 liter heat exchanger. There is also 54.3 square meter barn and 46.1 square meter cowshed next to the house. 19.2 square meters of smokehouse located above the house. Litle further the main house is 107.6 square meter barn and 200.1 square meters cowshed. All buildings outside the house have not been used for a number of years, and it is time for maintenance on those buildings.

This is a well-placed land near the capital (around 120 km from Reykjavik), which can be used in many ways, for example. in connection with tourism.

Further description of the house:
The hallway: Is spacious with a fabric on the floor and a window. From there you walk into the living room and stairway.
Living room: Is large with wooden flooring. Windows in three ways and access from the living room to the garden.
Staircase: Is beautiful with wooden floors, wooden doors and panels. From there, go down the lower floor and up the upper floor.
Upper floor:
Staircase hall: From there you enter 4 bedrooms and from there the ceiling.
Bedroom I: Wooden floors, built-in wardrobes and window with magnificent views.
Bedroom II: Wooden floors, windows in two ways with a magnificent view.
Bedroom III: Fabrics on the floor and window.
Bedroom IV: Fabrics on the floor, built-in wardrobe and window.
Ceiling: Wooden stair from staircase hall. Windows in two ways.
Ground floor:
Hall: With floor tiles on the floor and built-in closet. From there you walk into the kitchen, storage, bathroom and cage.
Kitchen: Large tiled floor tiles and beautiful white kitchen cabinets. Electrolux stove, dishwasher, two-way windows with nice view and plenty of space for dining table.
Bathroom: Tiled floor, tiled shower, washing machine, sink, work desk, sink and window.
Storage: Is windowless with painted floor.
Cage: With windows and shelves.
There is a nature paradises all around the land and many things to do in the immediate vicinity. For example Langjökull glacier, Barnafoss waterfall, Hvítá river, Húsafell, golf course, restaurant, etc.
All further information is available at the Real Estate Market Company office. tel. 354-570-4500 or at fastmark@fastmark.is

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Hallkelsstaðir Jörð


Heimir Fannar Hallgrímsson
Hdl. og lögg. fasteignasali